Serbia VAT and Other Taxes

Serbia VAT

Previous 2006 update was written by Branka Buric

  • The standard VAT rate in Serbia is 20% starting 1.10.2012.
    There are reduced rates of 10% and 0%.
  • VAT is charged on sale of goods and services, as well as on imports (with exception of exports of goods that are usually taxed with 0%) to Serbia.
  • Exports from Serbia are not subject to Value Added Tax.
  • Income from financial services, such as insurance and banking services, investment income are exempt from VAT.
  • Any business the annual turnover of which exceeds 8 million Dinars in 12 months (or whose owner, at the beginning of their business estimates that the business turnover will exceed that amount) becomes a VAT taxpayer.
  • VAT at the rate of 10% is payable on the following:
    1) Bread, milk, flour, sugar, edible sunflower, maize, rape, soybean and olive oil, edible animal and vegetable fats; fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs.
  • 2) Medicines included in the list of medicines to be sold on prescription and made out from the funds for health insurance, in accordance with the health insurance regulations; orthotic and prosthetic means, as well as medical products that are surgically implanted; dialysis materials.
    3) Fertilizers, pesticides, seed stock, nursery stock and complete fodder mixtures for animal feeding.
    4) Textbooks and teaching aids; daily newspapers; monographs and serial publications.
    5) Firewood.
    6) Accommodation in hotels, motels, resorts, recreation centers and camps.
    7) Utility services.
    8) Natural gas delivered to individual producers through the gas distribution network.
  • The following are exempt from VAT:

    - Educational services
    - Medical services
    - Cultural services
    - Gifts and charity donations
    - Rent (when used for housing purposes only)
    - Financial services provided by banks and insurance companies
    - Land
    - Services of organizing lotteries and gambling
    - Transportation

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