Slovakia Business News

Slovakia economic forecast 2023

February 2023
Slovak GDP is expected to grow by 1.7% in 2023, supported by a strong expansion of investment and by 2.1% in 2024 mainly due to a recovery in exports as supply chain bottlenecks are expected to disappear. (Source:

Slovakia Armenia Tax Treaty

February 2017
The 2015 double tax treaty, DTA, between the two countries entered into force on February 1, 2017 applying from January 1, 2018.
The tax withholding rates according to the DTA are 5%/10% for paying of dividends, depending on the percentage of holding by the recipient,10% for interest and 5% for royalties.

Slovakia Corporate Tax 2017

January 2017
Starting January 1, 2017 the new corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is 21% compared to the 22% rate in 2016.

Slovakia Tax Update 2014

February 2014
Starting January 1, 2014 the new corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is 22%, reduced from the previous 23% rate.
A new minimum tax regime was also introduced in 2014.
Tax losses are carried forward in four years period compared to the previous seven years period.

Slovakia Poland Tax Treaty

September 2013
Slovakia and Poland signed on August 1, 2013 a tax treaty.
According to the tax treaty the tax withholding rate for payments of dividends is 0%/5% depending on the percentage and period of holding of shareholding in the paying company.
The tax withholding for interest is 5%.
The withholding rate for payment of royalties remains the same as for payment to residents of other non –treaty countries.
In general double tax treaties between two countries are boosting mutual investments between the countries offering reduced tax withholding rates from payments of dividends, interest and royalties.
The tax treaty often includes an exchange of tax information clause and definition of a permanent establishment for activities carried in the other country.
It also clarifies certain cross border tax issues.
E.g the treaty would define in what country tax is to be paid when a service supplier/consultant from country A provides services in country B.
In some treaties there is a tax credit under certain terms. E.g. an exemption to a consultant from country A of X dollars per each day of staying in country B in order to supply the taxable services.

Slovakia Income Tax Increase 2013

January 2013
Starting January 2013 the new corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is increased from the previous 19% rate to 23%.
The flat 19% personal income tax rate will be replaced by two rates, 19% or 25% depending on the sum of income.

Slovakia 2012 Tax Rates

March 2012
There are no significant changes in the 2012 tax rates compared to 2011.
Both corporate income tax and personal income tax are flat at 19%.
The standard VAT Rate in Slovakia is 20%. There is also a reduced VAT rate of 10%.

Slovakia Credit Rating Downgrade

January 2012
The credit rating agency S&P downgraded on January 13 Slovakia's credit rating by one notch with a stable outlook.
Other eight EU countries were also downgraded by S&P on the same day, raising doubts about the perfect rating of the European rescue fund.

Slovakia 2011 Tax Updates

January 2011
Starting January 1, 2011 the new standard V.A.T. rate in Slovakia is 20%, replacing the previous 19% rate.
There are no changes in the 2011 corporate and personal income tax rates which remain at 19%, same as in 2010.

Slovakia V.A.T. Rise

September 2010
Slovak coalition leaders approved on a temporary increase of the V.A.T. rate from the current 19% to 20% starting January 1, 2011.
The V.A.T. increase is a part of the Slovak austerity package to reduce the Slovak public deficit.

Slovakia V.A.T Refund for Foreign Persons

January 2009
The Slovak tax administration published information relating to refund of V.A.T. to foreign persons after the EURO implementation as of 1.1.2009.
For more details please see

Slovakia Income Taxes

January 2007
In 2007 Slovakia's tax rates for companies and individuals remain the same as in 2006, a flat tax rate of 19%.
Slovakia's standard VAT rate of 19% also remains the same as in 2006.

Slovakia Double Taxation

March 2006
In March 2006 Slovakia ratified double taxation agreements with Esonia, Moldova and Singapore.

Slovakia Corporate Income Tax

January 2004
From 1.1.2004 the new corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is 19% (previous rate-25%).

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