Ireland V.A.T. and Other Taxes

Ireland Inheritance tax/gift tax

  • Tax is payable on an inheritance in Ireland, and on gifts. The tax is known as CAT (Capital Acquisition Tax).
  • When either the donor of the gift/the testator or the recipient of the gift/the heir is an Irish resident, the tax is also applicable to overseas assets.
  • The tax is payable at 33% over and above the amount of the exemption.
  • The amount of the exemption varies between EUR 16,750 and EUR 25,000.
  • Generally speaking, the closer the relationship between the donor/testator and the recipient/heir, such as in the case of a spouse, son or daughter, the greater sum is exempt.

Ireland Stamp Duty

Stamp duty of 1%-2% is payable on transfer of residential property.
The maximum rate of tax for non-residential property is 7.5%.