US Company formation and Registration

US Sales Tax

In the U.S there is no federal sales tax , which is similar in certain aspects to V.A.T.
Many states and municipalities impose sales tax, generally as a percentage on the sale price of goods and services supplied.
In many cases food and medicines are tax exempt.
The states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana , New Hampshire and Oregon do not impose sales tax.

The tax is generally imposed on consumers.
Wholesalers are exempt from sales tax.

US Inheritance Tax

Inheritance (estate) tax is a part of the gift and estate law.
The federal tax is imposed on assets of the deceased.
Non resident aliens pay the tax only on property based in the U.S.
Some states impose own inheritance tax.
Inheritance received by a spouse or charity organisations may be tax exempt.
The tax is generally imposed on assets exceeding $ 5,250,000 in 2013.

US Gift Tax

The gift tax applies to gifts given in a person's life. The tax is imposed on the donor.
For 2013 there is an annual exemption of $ 14,000 for a single receiver, $ 28,000 for a couple.
Some gifts are not taxable. e.g. gifts to a spouse, or to charity and political organisations.
Some states impose own gift tax.
In 2013 the top tax rate for estate and gift tax is 40%.