Slovakia Luxury Four and Five Star Hotels

When choosing good accommodation in Slovakia, please read the following tourist info:
The list of Slovakia hotels & accommodation in this site includes mainly luxury four stars & five stars hotels in Slovakia.
An important factor when choosing a good hotel in Slovakia is hotel location. Many Slovakia hotels are located near Metro stations in Slovakia, enabling a very quick and easy travel in Slovakia.
Before choosing your Slovakia hotel try checking that your stay in Slovakia does not cross a national holiday when many tourist attractions are closed. Another point, try avoiding visiting Slovakia in periods of big Congresses in Slovakia, in this time it is quite difficult to get a good hotel in Slovakia at reasonable prices.
Before arrival to Slovakia please visit Slovakia hotels web sites, you may sometimes find a cheaper price for your hotel.
Certain hotels in Slovakia offer a cheaper rate when you stay in Slovakia in a weekend.
Most good hotels in Slovakia have an impressing tourist information material, maps and free travel information in various languages for your stay in Slovakia.
Most of the good hotels in Slovakia have internet facilities helping you be updated from Slovakia.

Name Address Tel Fax Email Web Site
Hotel Danube Rybne Namestie 1 813 38 Bratislava 421-2-5934-0000 421-2-5441-4311 [email protected]
FORUM Hodzovo namestie 2, 816 25 Bratislava 421-2-5934-8111 421-2-5441-4645 [email protected]
Hotel Bratislava Seberiniho 9 820 12 Bratislava 212 421-2-4333-7980 421-2-4333-6420 [email protected]
Hotel No.16 Partizanska 16a 811 03 Bratislava 421-2-5441-1672 421-2-5441-1298 [email protected]
Hotel Carlton
Hotel Devin Riecna 4 811 02 Bratislava 421-2-5443-3640 421-2-5443-0682 [email protected]
Hotel Kyjev Rajska 2 814 48 Bratislava 421-2-5964-2212 421-2-5292-6820 [email protected]
Hotel Perugia Zelena 5, 811 01 Bratislava 421-7-5443-1818 421-7-5443-1821