Israel Airlines and Airports in Israel

The brief guide to banks in Israel includes the major banks in Israel, including local banks and international banks having branches in Israel.
Many Israel banks have ATM'S (automatic teller machine), enabling you to draw foreign currency while you stay in Israel.
If you open a bank account in one of Israel's banks, you are advised to compare commission rates for money transfer to and from Israel.
In most of the banks in Israel you will find a few English speaking employees, the best chance is in the foreign exchange section of the bank.
Most of Israel banks in this site have an English web site.

Name Address Tel Fax Email Web Site
Moonair   972-9-9587280 972-9-9509694
Maman - Cargo   972-3-9715324 972-3-9733038
El-Al   972-3-9723377
FNA   972-9-9577717 972-9-9548691
TransClal Trade
Avia   972-9-9506221 972-9-9501101
Arkia   972-3-6903344
British Airways
Gur   972-6-6860088 972-6-6860087
El Rom   972-3-6992554      
Caspi Aviation   972-3-5105152 972-3-5108102
Ben Gurion Airport       [email protected]
Eilat Airport       [email protected]