Czech Republic Luxury Four and Five Star Hotels

When choosing good accommodation in Czech Republic, please read the following tourist info:
The list of Czech Republic hotels & accommodation in this site includes mainly luxury four stars & five stars hotels in Czech Republic.
An important factor when choosing a good hotel in Czech Republic is hotel location. Many Czech Republic hotels are located near Metro stations in Czech Republic, enabling a very quick and easy travel in Czech Republic.
Before choosing your Czech Republic hotel try checking that your stay in Czech Republic does not cross a national holiday when many tourist attractions are closed. Another point, try avoiding visiting Czech Republic in periods of big Congresses in Czech Republic, in this time it is quite difficult to get a good hotel in Czech Republic at reasonable prices.
Before arrival to Czech Republic please visit Czech Republic hotels web sites, you may sometimes find a cheaper price for your hotel.
Certain hotels in Czech Republic offer a cheaper rate when you stay in Czech Republic in a weekend.
Most good hotels in Czech Republic have an impressing tourist information material, maps and free travel information in various languages for your stay in Czech Republic.
Most of the good hotels in Czech Republic have internet facilities helping you be updated from Czech Republic.

Name Address Tel Fax Email Web Site
Axa Hotel Prague Na Porici 40 11303 Prague 1 02-2481-2580 02-232-2172 [email protected]
City Hotel Moran Prague Na Morani 15 12000 Prague 2 02-2491-5208 02-297-533
Harmony Hotel Prague Na Porici 31 11000 Prague 1 02-232-0016 02-231-0009 [email protected]
Kampa Hotel Prague Vsehrdova 16 11800 Prague 1 02-5732-0508 02-5732-0262 [email protected]
Maximilian Hotel Prague Hastalsaka 14 11303 Prague 1 02-2180-6111 02-2180-6110 [email protected]
Opera Hotel Prague Tensov 13 11000 Prague 1 02-231-5609 02-231-1477 [email protected]
Pension u Raka Hotel Prague Cerninska 10\93 11800 Prague 1 02-2051-1100 02-2051-0511    
Diplomat Hotel Prague Evropska 15 16000 Prague 6 02-2439-4111 02-2439-4215
Grand hotel Bohemia Prague Kralodvorska 4 11000 Prague 1 02-2480-4111 02-232-9545
Palace Hotel Prague Panska 12 11121 Prague 1 02-2409-3120 02-2422-1240 [email protected]
Savoy Hotel Prague Keplerova 6 11800 Prague 6 02-2430-2430 02-2430-2128 [email protected]
Adria Hotel Prague Wenceslas sq. Prague 1 02-2421-6543 02-2421-1025 [email protected]
Hilton Atrium Hotel Prague Pobrezni ulice Prague 02-2484-1111 02-2481-1896 [email protected]
Hoffmeister Hotel Prague Pod bruskou 9 Prague 02-2451-1015 02-530-959 [email protected]
Intercontinental Hotel Prague Nam curieovy ch 5 Prague 02-2488-1111 02-2481-1216 [email protected]
Prague Hotel Dejvice susicka 20 Prague 02-2434-1111 02-24311218 [email protected]
Pyramida Hotel Prague Brevnov belohorska 24 Prague 02-3113-241 02-350-030 [email protected]
Bobycentrum Hotel Brno Sportovni 2a, 602 00 Brno 4205-4163-8110 4205-4163-8103 [email protected]
Park Hotel, Brno Veslarska 250, 637 00 Brno 4205-4323-6350 4205-4323-5191 [email protected]
Hotel Embassy, Karlovy Vary Nova Louka 21 360 01 Karlovy Vary 4203-5322-1161 4203-5322-3146 [email protected]
Hotel Romance, Karlovy Vary Trziste 37, Karlovy Vary, 36090 4203-5322-2646 4203-5322-4134 [email protected]
Thermal Hotel, Karlovy Vary Pavlova 11, 360 01 Karlovy Vary 4203-5900-1111 4203-5900-2603 [email protected]