Cyprus Airlines and Airports in Cyprus

The brief guide to banks in Cyprus includes the major banks in Cyprus, including local banks and international banks having branches in Cyprus.
Many Cyprus banks have ATM'S (automatic teller machine), enabling you to draw foreign currency while you stay in Cyprus.
If you open a bank account in one of Cyprus's banks, you are advised to compare commission rates for money transfer to and from Cyprus.
In most of the banks in Cyprus you will find a few English speaking employees, the best chance is in the foreign exchange section of the bank.
Most of Cyprus banks in this site have an English web site.

Name Address Tel Fax Email Web Site
Lufthansa International Corner Makarios & Evagoras Avenue CAPITAL Centre Office 601 & 602 (6th Floor)1307 Nicosia 357-2287-3330 357-2267-6654 [email protected]
CYPRUS AIRWAYS 21 Alkeou St. CY-2404 Engomi, CY-1514 Nicosia 357-2266-3054 357-2266-3167 [email protected]
AUSTRIAN AIRLINES 12,Zena Kanther st. Marilena Bldg, 2nd Floor CY 1065 Nicosia 357-288-1188 357-267-7567 [email protected]

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