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Weirdest Taxes People Pay Throughout the World

When it comes to taxes and fees, you may be thinking that the way a personal injury law case works is strange.
However, there are actual weird taxes that people have to pay in different parts of the world.
They're so odd that you may not even believe that they're actually real. Well, whether you intend to move to one of those countries and you want to be aware of the taxes or just want to expand your knowledge and/or have a good laugh, keep on reading.
Here are some of the weirdest taxes people pay throughout the world.

Culturally British Film Tax Break

It seems that Britain wants to make sure its culture stays alive in movies.
As such, they thought about adding a tax rule offering films considered "culturally British" a tax deduction.
Of course, this doesn't mean that simply filming a scene of someone hanging a UK flag on their building will qualify.
There will be certain aspects that will be rated through a "culture test". So, things will be calculated like this:
  • Cultural hubs (up to 3 points)
  • Cultural contribution (up to 4 points)
  • Cultural practitioners (up to 8 points)
  • Cultural content (up to 16 points)
If the film scores at least a minimum of 16 out of 31 points, then it can get a tax deduction.

Beard Tax in Russia

Have you ever considered growing a majestic beard? Well, if you would have lived in Russia during Peter the Great's rule, you might have thought twice about that. During that time, you were more likely to see everyone clean-shaven, rather than walking around with a stylized beard.
To make sure Russia is in line with the Western European models, Peter the Great enforced a ban on beards.
But that wasn't all - if you wanted to grow a beard, you would have to pay a tax for it.
Aside from that, those who paid for their beards had to carry around a "beard token".

Cow Flatulence Tax in Denmark

When cows are slowly digesting the greens they eat, methane is being released, and it makes up to 18% of the greenhouse gasses of Europe. Therefore, some EU countries thought it would be a good idea to make sure there are fewer cows concentrated in one area.
This is why they adopted cow taxes.
In Denmark, it is the highest, because you would have to pay up to $110 for each cow.

Shelled Nut Tax in England

Believe it or not, but England has a shelled nut tax.
This means that it's better to get nuts with shells because you will save cash.
A 20% value-added tax is applied on shelled nuts.
Peanuts are an exception from the rule, though - they escape the tax if they are shelled, but only if they are not roasted or salted.

Final Thoughts

There are many weird taxes around the world, and these are only some of them.
It's interesting to see what some countries are adding taxes for, but it's also important if you intend to move there.

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