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World Tax and Revenue Administrations

Our directory of world tax, revenue and customs administrations is sorted by country.
Worldwide tax offices may have different titles, tax administration, tax office, tax service, tax authority, tax board etc.
Often the tax administrations have a different title, e.g. inland revenue, revenue service or revenue authority.
In some countries the tax administration web site is a part of the ministry of finance.
The majority of the tax sites in our directory are in English version.

Pakistan Board of Revenue www.cbr.gov.pk
Poland Ministry of Finance www.mofnet.gov.pl
Philippines Internal Revenue www.bir.gov.ph
Portugal www.dgci.min-financas.pt
Russia www.nalog.ru
Serbia Tax Administration www.poreskauprava.sr.gov.yu
Singapore Inland Authority www.iras.gov.sg
Slovakia www.drsr.sk
Slovenia Ministry of Finance www.mf.gov.si
South Africa Revenue Service(SARS) www.sars.gov.za
Sweden Tax Board swww.katteverket.se
Switzerland Department of Finance www.finance.admin.ch
Taiwan Tax Administration www.ntat.gov.tw
Tanzania Revenue Authority www.tra.go.tz
Thailand Revenue Department www.rd.go.th
Turkey Revenue Administration www.gib.gov.tr
UK Revenue and Customs www.hmrc.gov.uk
Ukraine Tax Administration www.sta.gov.ua
United Arab Emirates www.uae.gov.ae
USA Internal Revenue Service (IRS) www.irs.gov
Vietnam General Department of Taxation (GDT) www.gdt.gov.vn

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