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Land for Sale in Israel

Land in Israel is a unique investment since the land in Israel is in short supply.
If you are looking for property for investment or land, we can offer you one time offers.

Property in Israel - 15,000 square meters- Acco

  1. In order to locate the area in Israel please visit www.mmi.gov.il and search for block 18031 sub 11.
  2. The parcel legal authorized purpose is in accordance with plan 849/g which was approved by March 1st 1988:
    1. Building rights - 150%
    2. Four floors
    3. Max height 15 meters
    4. Building limits front 8 meters, back 3 meters and sides 5 meters.
    The planning information from Akko Municipality approved by the head of the licensing and building department.
  3. Estimated price $220,000 (per 1000 square meter). The required price is $150,000 per 1000 square meters.
  4. In 1985 the price was $10,000-$15,000. Back than the development plan was not approved and the "Home Center" (DIY building) did not exist.
  5. The area is part of Akko Municipality in the west Galilee.
  6. All taxed (purchase and embetterment) will be borne by the buyers.
  7. The land was used for agricultural purposes and was not contaminated.
  8. There has been a change of purpose for the use of the land in that area and now there are high stories building on those lands.
  9. In the west side of the land there new houses and new condominiums being built.

For more info please contact Mr. Tsahi Bensadoun or ++972-50-577-7030.

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