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Turkey Historical Review

Year Event
330 The city of Constantinople is founded by Constantin the Great. The city becomes the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
1204 The fall of Constantinople.
1301 The Ottomans overthrow Byzantium. The beginning of the Ottoman Empire.
1914 Turkey joins the First World War on the side of Germany.
1923 The overthrow of the Ottomans by Mustafa Kemal (Attaturk) (The Attaturk regime - up until 1938).
1950 First elections held in Turkey.
1951 Turkey joins NATO.
1960 Military coup.
1974 Turkey invades Cyprus.
1991 Suleiman Demiral as head of State.
1993 The first woman, Ms. Tansu Ciller, serves as Prime Minister.
1996 Turkey signs the Customs Union agreement with the EU. The Islamic Party wins the elections.
1997 Government reverts to the secular coalition.
1998 The Islamic Party is declared illegal.
1999 Earthquake. Some 17,000 victims.

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