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Spain V.A.T. and Other Taxes

Spain V.A.T

The standard VAT rate in Spain is 21%. There are also reduced rates. A reduced rate of 10% and a super reduced rate of 4%.
The reduced 10% rate relates to some basic food and services, the super reduced 4% rate relates to essential food, newspapers, books etc.
Some services are VAT exempt, e.g. insurance and financial services, medical services, education, welfare etc.
VAT reports are filed and paid on a quarterly basis. for firms having an annual turnover exceeding EUR 6 millions the filing is monthly.
Exports are exempt from VAT.

Spain Real Estate Transfer Tax
Individuals pay a 7% transfer tax when buying a real estate from private individuals.

Spain Real Estate Property Tax
The annual tax is imposed by the local authority, the rates change from city to city.
The rates are up to 1.3% of the market value.

Spain Inheritance and Gift Tax
The tax is imposed on Spanish heirs at rates ranging from 7.65% up to 34%.

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