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Slovakia Historical Review

Year Event
1526 As a result of the fall of Hungary to the Ottomans, Bratislava becomes the capital of Hungary.
1867 The foundation of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Slovakia joins the Hungarian sector.
1918 As a result of the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War, a new country is born - Czechoslovakia.
1939 Slovakia is proclaimed an independent state headed by Jozef Tiso. Slovakia is conquered by Germany and becomes a German ally.
1940 Slovakia declares war on the United States and Britain.
1944 Some 70,000 people, most of them Slovak Jews, are sent to concentration camps.
1945 Czechoslovakia is founded once again as a two nation state.

The Slovak, Alexander Dubcek, is elected as President of Czechoslovakia.
His liberal policies result in the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia. Dubcek is ousted and another Slovak, Husak Gostav, replaces him.
1989 The Velvet Revolution. Vaclev Havel, is appointed President of Czechoslovakia.
1992 Meciar is appointed Prime Minister of the Slovak section.
1993 Czechoslovakia breaks into two. Slovakia becomes an independent republic.
1994 Meciar returns to the head of the government. Corruption and persecution of the Hungarian minority isolate Slovakia from the western world.
1998 Meciar is ousted; the new Prime Minister is Dzurinda.
1999 Schuster is appointed as President of the Republic.
2000 Slovakia joins the OECD and is invited to start the process for entry to the EU.
2001 The EU declares 2004 as the year in which Slovakia will joint the Union.
2002 The right wing vindicated the victory, Dzurinda remained the Prime Minister.
2004 Slovakia joined NATO.
2004 Slovakia joined European Union.
2006 The left wing won the elections, the new Prime Minister is Fico.
2009 Slovakia became a member of Euro Zone and adopted Euro as its currency.
2010 The right wing won the elections, the new Prime Minister is Radicova, first woman in the history.

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