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Libya V.A.T. and Other Taxes

Libya Indirect Tax Compliances

  • Customs Duties
    Custom duty has been a polished in almost all imported goods to Libya; however few items are still charged with custom at different rates according to the description of the products.
    A services charge of 4% to 10% is imposed by the Custom on all materials imported to Libya.
  • VAT / Service Tax
    There is no VAT and gift tax in Libya.
  • Any other Indirect Tax
    Not Applicable.

New Libya Stamp Duty - Law No 8 of 2010

Any contract negotiated in Libya for anything other than direct supply is subject to Revenue Duty (registration tax).
This amounts to 1% registration duty on the value of the contract.
Any portion of a main contract that is sub-contracted is subject to a further 1 per thousand on the registration of the sub-contract.

A contact or sub-contract is required to be registered within 60 days of its signature.
Any delay results in a penalty of 2% per month of the tax and will not be exceeding 50%.
Invoices issued against a contact must be stamped by the tax department to confirm that registration duty has been paid.

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