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Latvia Historical Review

Year Event
1561 Poland captures Southern Latvia
1629 Part of Latvia, including the city of Riga, is captured by Sweden. Riga becomes the largest city in the Swedish kingdom.
1710 Russia captures Latvia.
1812 The suburbs of Riga are set on fire as a defense against the Napoleonic invasion.
1905 Poverty-stricken farmers rebel against the landowners. The protestors kill 600 people.
1917 Russia captures part of Latvia.
1920 Latvia gains independence, lands are transferred from the German nobility to the poor.
1940 Within the framework of the Molotov - Ribbentrop agreement, Latvia is annexed to the USSR together with the other two Baltic states.
1941 Nazi Germany captures Latvia.
1944 The USSR recaptures Latvia.
1949 The USSR deports many Latvians from the country.
1987 First protests against the Soviet regime.
1991 Latvia declares independence, joins the UN.
1993 Ulmanis is elected the first president after the Soviet era.
1999 The first woman was elected president. Latvia becomes a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
2000 The first negotiations towards joining the EU.
2001 Riga celebrates 800 years since it was founded.
2004 Latvia is expected to join the EU as a member.

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