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Japan Addresses and Zip Codes

The method of writing addresses in Japan is a little difficult to understand. Let us take, for example, the following address in Tokyo
          8 - 6 - 9 Akasaka
          Minato - Ku 107
The meaning of the address is as follows:
          House no. 9
          Block no. 6
          Area 8 (in the Minato quarter)
The number 107 is the area zip code

Comment: If the word "Chome" (area) is added after the number, the address will be presented differently. In the above example, the same address may be written like this:
          6 - 9, 8 Chome
The first format, without the suffix "Chome" is more common.

Comment: The different quarters within the city are indicated by the suffix "Ku" so that for example, the Minato Quarter in Tokyo will have the official address of Minato - Ku.
In large cities, areas that are not in the center of town will be indicated by the suffix "Shi" instead of "Ku".

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