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Greece Historical Review

Year Event
5th Century B.C. Greece is made up of city states, principally Athens and Sparta.
4th Century B.C. Greece, led by Alexander the Great, captures most of the world.
146 B.C. Greece surrenders to Rome.
1460 Turkey rules Greece.
1815 The start of the Greek War of Independence.
1821 The Greek uprising against Turkey.
1828 Greece becomes independent (in the south). The independence is recognized by Britain, France and Russia.
1833 Greece becomes a monarchy.
1924 Greece becomes a republic until 1935.
1941 Germany invades Macedonia. The German occupation lasts until 1944.
1944 Britain and Greek freedom fighters free Greece.
1949 Civil war in Greece.
1950 Greece becomes a member of NATO.
1967 Military coup: the military regime continues until 1974.
1974 A referendum decides on a presidential republic.
1981 Greece joins the EU.
1982 The Turkish Cypriots declare a republic in northern Cyprus.
1981 - 1989 Papandreou leads Greece.
1991 From 8.9.1991 Macedonia is an independent country.
2002 The local currency, the drachma, is replaced by the Euro.
2002 Elimination of the "November 17th" (17N) terror groups.

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