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Finland Historical Review

Year Event
1323 An agreement was signed for the partition of Finland.
1617 The Stolbova Agreement, Sweden receives control of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland.
1642 The first translation of the Bible into Finnish.
1808 Sweden loses its control over Finland following a military defeat to Russia.
1812 Helsinki is recognized as the State capital.
1860 The Markka was introduced as the Finnish currency.
1917 Finland declares independence.
1939 - 1940 "The Winter War": Finland is attacked by Russia.
1946 The cease fire agreement with Russia. Finland pays compensation for 450,000 refugees who waived the right to live in Russia and settled once again on Finnish territory.
1955 Finland joins the United Nations.
1991 - 1993 The great economic recession.
1995 Finland joins the European Union.

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