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Worldwide-tax.com is free website, developed by World Tax Inc.
All the tax and economy comprehensive data in our 31 countries is free for all users.
We only charge for advertisements in our site. Our long term goal is to add new countries to our site and offer online tax and economy updates to our present 31 countries.
Here's how you can contribute to our project:

Professional Donation
Give us feedback, report bugs, send us legal articles/updates and help other users.

Financial Donation
We welcome donations to support Worldwide-tax.com development.
You can make a donation, as little as $10 or more.
Note: If you want your name to appear in our "Donors list", please kindly mail us.

Click on the link to donate online now.
Your donation will allow us to expand our website.

Sponsor Our Site
We would also like to hear from any companies or groups interested in sponsoring worldwide-tax.com.
Sponsorship can be for the whole site, one country, a specific section e.g "Lawyers" "Accountants" "Company formation" etc.
For just a few thousands dollars you can focus on the features that matter to you most.

For more information

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us:
Email us at tbs@worldwide-tax.com.

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