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Czech Republic Company formation and Registration

Registering a Corporation in the Czech Republic

The first stage in setting up a corporation is to obtain a commercial license through the Companies Registrar (Obchodni Registrar). To do this, the company must contact a Czech resident who carries a Czech identity card. When submitting the application to incorporate, the following data must be provided:
  • A commercial license.
  • Documents of incorporation.
  • Business name of the company and the address of its registered office or of its owners.
  • Location of the company activities.
  • Types of activity.
  • Form of incorporation
  • Confirmation that the original capital has been deposited with a Czech bank.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Approval for foreign workers.
  • As a general rule, it is possible to incorporate in the Czech Republic in any of the following ways:
  • Commercial company (general) -the company will include at least 2 people.
  • Limited partnership - that includes the liability of one or more of the parties to the joint undertaking.
  • Limited company (with the letters 'S.R.O.' after the company name) - having at least one but no more than 50 members.
  • The liability is to the limit of the company's registered capital.
    The registered capital is not less than 100,000 Czech Kurona, with each member's share being no less than 20,000 Czech Kurona.
  • Joint Stock Company with the letters 'A.S.' after the company name
  • A company with a minimum registered capital of one million Czech Kurona.
  • A Cooperative - with an unlimited number of members. The business name of the Cooperative must include the word 'Cooperative'.
  • Commercial branch/representation.
  • Joint Venture - a combination of the above forms of incorporation.

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