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Czech Republic Value Added Tax

From January 2013 VAT is payable at a rate of 21%.
There are reduced rates of 15% and 10% that refer in the main to:
  • Services for the provision of water and heating.
  • Food and medications
  • Newspapers and books
  • The threshold for VAT registration is CZK 1 million (turnover).
    There is no minimum turnover for foreign companies operating in the Czech Republic.

  • Comment: Financial institutions are not charging VAT.

    Czech Republic Reporting Periods
    The reporting periods for businesses are monthly or quarterly. The VAT must be paid by the 25th day after the relevant reporting period.
    When the periodic report shows a surplus of VAT inputs over VAT from transactions, a refund will be received within 30 days.
    Should there be an outstanding debt to other tax authorities, the share due to the other tax authorities will be offset against the turnover and the balance repaid to the owner of the business on his request.

    Czech Republic VAT Exempt/ 0% VAT
    The following forms of receipts may be numbered among the receipts exempt from VAT:
  • Export
  • Postal services
  • Broadcasting services - radio and television
  • Financial institutions (banks, insurance companies)
  • Planning and instruction
  • Health services
  • Welfare services
  • Lotteries and games of chance
  • Non-profit making institutions

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