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China V.A.T. and Other Taxes 2014

China Value Added Tax
  • The standard rate of VAT in China is 17%.V.A.T. is imposed on sale and import of goods and supply of certain services. There is a reduced rate of 13% that applies to products such as books and types of oils.
  • Exporters are entitled to V.A.T. refund for materials bought in China.
  • Small businesses with a turnover of less than the legally defined limit pay value added tax at 3%.

China Business Tax
  • This nonrecoverable turnover tax is imposed in China instead of V.A.T. on businesses other than manufacturing businesses, including most services and transfer of intangibles and immovable property.
  • The business tax is imposed when either the service supplier or the customer are located in China.
  • BT returns are to be filed monthly.
  • The tax rate is generally 3%-5% (5%-20% for entertainment).

China Consumption Tax
  • The tax is imposed inter-alia on sale of alcohol, petrol, jewellery and cars.
  • The relevant rates are 1%-45%.
  • Consumption tax returns are filed monthly.

Urban Real Estate Tax in China
  • A tax of 1.2% is imposed on owners of business rented real estate, according to the value of the real estate.
  • Alternatively tax on rental income is 12% of the rental price. Individuals may pay 4% for rental of residential real estate.

Education Surcharge

All taxpayers of indirect taxes in China must also pay an additional 3% education tax.
Additional 2% local education tax is paid in Beijing starting January 1, 2012.
For foreign enterprises the tax is imposed from 1.1.2011 0nwards.

Urban Construction and Maintenance Tax

All taxpayers of indirect taxes in China must pay this addition surcharge.
The rates are 1% for low populated areas, 5% in country areas and 7% in big cities.
For foreign enterprises the tax is imposed from 1.1.2011 onwards.

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