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Bulgaria Luxury Four and Five Star Hotels, Sofia

Sofia Accommodation tips

When choosing good accommodation in Sofia, please read the following tourist info:
The list of Sofia hotels & accommodation in this site includes mainly luxury four stars & five stars hotels in Sofia.
An important factor when choosing a good hotel in Sofia is hotel location. Many Sofia hotels are located near Metro stations in Sofia, enabling a very quick and easy travel in Sofia.
Before choosing your Sofia hotel try checking that your stay in Sofia does not cross a national holiday when many tourist attractions are closed. Another point, try avoiding visiting Sofia in periods of big Congresses in Sofia, in this time it is quite difficult to get a good hotel in Sofia at reasonable prices.
Before arrival to Sofia please visit Sofia hotels web sites, you may sometimes find a cheaper price for your hotel.
Certain hotels in Sofia offer a cheaper rate when you stay in Sofia in a weekend.
Most good hotels in Sofia have an impressing tourist information material, maps and free travel information in various languages for your stay in Sofia.
Most of the good hotels in Sofia have internet facilities helping you be updated from Sofia.

Name Address Tel Fax Email Web Site Pictures
Ambassador 110 A Simeonovsko chaussee Blvd Sofia 359-2962-5602 359-2962-5598 ambassador@intech.bg www.infotour.org  
Central Hotel 52 Hristo Botev Str Sofia 359-2981-2364 359-2986-4561 central@central-hotel.com www.central-hotel.com  
Interhotel Bulgaria Bourgas 21 "Aleksandrovska" str. Bourgas 8000 359-5684-2610 359-5684-1501 hotelBulgaria@bginfo.net www.bulgaria-hotel.com
Gloria Palace Hotel 20 Maria Louisa Blvd Sofia 1000 359-2980-7895 359-2980-7894 gloria_sof@spnet.net www.gloriapalacehotel.bg  
Kempinski - Zogravski 100 James Bouchier Blvd Sofia 1407 359-26-2518 359-2962-5233 Kempinski Hotel-Zografski@bulmail.gocis.bg www.infotour.org  
Light Hotel Complex 37 Vesletz Str Sofia 1202 359-2917-9090 359-2917-9010 hotellight@hotellight.com www.hotellight.com  
Maria Luisa Hotel 29 Maria Louisa Blvd Sofia 1000 359-2980-5577 359-2980-3355 mluisa@mail.bol.bg www.infotour.org  
Olimp Park Hotel 110 Simeonovsko chaussee Blvd Sofia 1443 359-2962-0580 359-2962-0589 p_h_olimp@mail.bg www.infotour.org  
Downtown Hotel 27 Vassil Levski Blvd Sofia 1040 359-2930-5200 359-2930-5300 hotel@hotel-downtown.net www.infotour.org  
Rodina Hotel 8 Totleben Blvd. Sofia 1606 359-2917-9999 359-2951-5840 reservation@rodina.bg www.rodina.bg  

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