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Bulgaria Historical Review

Year Event
80 - 679 Tribes of Bulgars from the Volga area settle permanently in Bulgaria.
811 The First Bulgarian Empire routs the Byzantine Empire.
870 The Czar, Boris the First, enforces Christianity in Bulgaria.
893 - 927 The Golden Era, the first Bulgarian Empire reaches great heights.
924 Bulgaria is defeated by the Byzantines.
1018 Bulgaria becomes part of the Byzantine Empire.
1185 Revolt against the Byzantine Empire.
1202 A peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire. The start of the Second Bulgarian Empire.
1218 - 41 The second Golden Era including territorial expansion.
1277 The Farmers' Revolt.
1385 The Ottoman Empire captures Sofia.
1688 Repression of the Bulgarian revolt against the Ottomans, end of the Catholic influence in Bulgaria.
1806 The first book is printed in Bulgaria.
1878 End of the Russian - Turkish War and Bulgaria is granted autonomy.
1908 Ferdinand declares himself Czar; the Ottoman protection comes to an end.
1913 The Second Balkans War. Bulgaria loses territory to Greece and Serbia.
1915 - 18 The First World War, Bulgaria fights on the side of the "Central Powers".
1935 Boris III declares a "Royal Dictatorship" that continues until 1943.
1941 Bulgaria signs a treaty that allies it with the German side.
1943 The Allies bomb Sofia.
1944 The Red Army invades Bulgaria.
1946 Georgi Demitrov, a Communist, is appointed as Prime Minister.
1948 - 9 Religious organizations are declared illegal.
1968 Government supervision is reinforced as a result of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.
1989 A large wave of Turkish immigration arrives in Bulgaria.
1990 First multi-party elections since the Second World War.
1991 Economic reform begins, the regime becomes democratic.
1994 The Socialist Party wins the elections.
2001 Simeon II is elected Prime Minister.

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